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Virtual sales gallery Zeman

Offered art works are authentic works of academic sculptor Bořek Zeman. It's possible to buy them via virtual sales gallery Zeman.

How you can buy some works:
1. First, what is necessary to do is to registrate yourself in our gallery. It is not possible to send away an order without the registration.
2. Shop is divided into particular sections, after clicking on some of them (for example Graphics) you will view the author’s works. By click on some work you can enlarge it into a new window.
What to do if you want buy something:
3. If you are interested in some work, only thing you have to do is to push the button "Buy" and chosen work will be shifted into a shopping basket. After this step you confirm your choice with the button "Send order" and than you will be asked to reconfirm. Later we will send you summary order to your e-mail address. We will call you as soon as possible and discuss terms of transmission and settlement.
4. In the settlement "User" you can change your personal data, which you entered during registration. Menu item "Orders" serves for your better orientation, you can find information about your order there.

Delivery of the chosen work:
Smaller format works will be sended in the possible shortest term with cash on delivery. Bigger works will be delivered by mail-order service after our telephone speech.

All pictures are in frames, which are suitable to picture motive. Mentioned proportions of a picture are without a frame, adjustment will enlarge proportion at least 10 cm.


Free graphics are offered without the adjustment. On demand graphics can be completed with a passe-partout and a frame.

Author’s graphics, pictures and statues are at disposal only in Gallery Zeman and on these web sites. Prices are in Czech crowns.